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Dental lasers are now being used at 32 PEARLS®, in all fields of dental disciplines from oral surgery , restorative dentistry in caries removal and tooth preparation, cosmetic dentistry in soft tissue contouring and osseous crown lengthening to periodontology and endodontics in bacterial and associated surgical treatments.

At 32 PEARLS®, we use U.S.A. made AMD PICASSO brand Diode LASER, which is considered as number one in world for safety and efficacy standards.

Laser in Oral Surgery

Surgical procedures with the diode laser are often bloodless and pain free. These are very desirable attributes for both the dentist and our patient.

Laser for Gum Treatment

The diode wavelengths have desirable characteristics for periodontal therapy because of an excellent bacterial decontamination rate of 99.6%

Laser for Endodontic Treatment

Diode lasers provide excellent bacterial reduction in endodontic canals. The laser offers much better reduction than other means. Investigation of the dentinal tubuli shows bacterial contamination up to 1,100μm in depth. Chemical decontamination produces activity up to only 100μm. Diode lasers will produce complete decontamination up to 1,000μm. So the stubborn infections within root canals are to be treated with Laser.

Laser for Teeth Whitening

A treatment which gets much more famous to every year in aesthetic dentistry is bleaching.

Laser in Dental Implant

Special Laser Therapy – Depigmentation

Pigmented gums or lips can be treated with laser.