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BC Amin
Naren Jhadakia
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Naren Jhadakia

Hello Dr Jaiminbhai and Team,
greetings ....!
I am writing to you almost 6 months after my treatment was completed successfully... I am happy and a proud patient of your clinic who came in desperate state of mind with the failure of 4 implants already done by another Doctor of Ahmedabad. When I was guided by Civil hospital MDS that as a Diabetic patient with this much of bone loss, success of implants was not a viable poposition , i was shocked ....

In fact I had already spent more than 1.10 lacs towards 4 implants and had been to 3/4 OPG and one more detailed Xray( Idont remember the name but it was like sonography and I was given a CD for that....

Anyway , since it was my trust , though belied , I would not write the name of that MDS. I was in search of a Professional MDS who is not only a competent one for resetting or rather rectifying the mistakes of previous one but one who believes in values and do good to me..... one who would not do practise to mint money only but to keep and enhance his self esteem and satisfaction of serving the patients well.... Thanks to Dr Harsh Amin MS who advised me to consult you ....

When I came firstly , Dr. Bhaktiben understood my case and then you were kind enough to instill an element of confidence in me by outling the course of treatment. though , I had to forget the 4 Implants already fixed, solution offered with genuineness was a matter of relief. At times, patients need not be only treated but educated as well....

M happy with the denture and upper teeth...
It works well and i can chew , eat well..
After six months , i came for regular check up and my daughter was also there for her treatment of tooth decay.... a proof of my satisfaction...
Wish you many more laurels in terms of satisfaction of patients... Serve with your branded smile and make others smile.....
May your specialisation bring cheers to many like me...
Once again ,,, Thanks a lot.
with kind regards,

Naren Jhadakia
Mob No 8826575858


Dear Doctor Jaimin

It was equally a please to have been treated in your clinic. We have reached home safely and are not threatened as much as the northern parts of Africa with the Ebola virus.

I would like to place on record my gratitude not only to you but to your entire team of staff who had made my treatment as comfortable as possible (a special thanks also to Dr Bhakti). These are the sentiments also held by my wife.

I am really sorry that I am unable to write a review on Google Plus as they allege that my name does not conform with their names policy?

Kind Regards

Swati Heblikar DM (Lab) Central Lab, Mumbai

Dr Jaimin Patel is very knowledgeable, caring, treats patients like a family member and with personal touch. His clinic is conveniently located, neat, clean and Good hygiene is maintained in the clinic. He maintains his appointments and gives sufficient time to each patient. His staff also is very well trained. I liked about him very much is he studies the case in detail, decides line of treatment and then starts the treatment expertly to the fullest satisfaction of patient. He is a very good Doctor.

For last almost 16 years I was unable to eat food with my right side. No teeth on upper side, sinus problem, bone deformation and many other complications were there. I Consulted Head of Dental Section of Ahmedabad Civil Hospital. But everybody advised removal of all my teeth and fixing of removable partial dentures. I am a working lady and require discussing many things and attending meetings. I was reluctant to wear dentures.

I searched Internet and choose 3 doctors from the list. One of them was Dr Jaimeen Patel, then I saw reviews of patients of all the 3 doctors and selected Dr Jaimeen Patel among them.

I approached Dr Jaimeen with all my reports/X Rays. He did physical examination and kept all the reports with him and asked 8-10 days time to study the reports in detail and then to decide line of treatment. I was happy with the way doctor is looking into the case.

After detailed study of my reports and physical examination, he explained me my case, line of treatment, expenditure, time required and risk involved in the treatment in detail and satisfied my all queries very patiently. He was very confident and ready to accept my case. The treatment started step by step, sinus lifting, bone crafting, implant and what not. The treatment was very long and was going on for last almost 2.5 years and now it is over. Finally it is over successfully and I am able to eat with all my 32 teeth.

Suggestions : See probability of keeping the clinic open on at least one Sunday in a month to enable working/outstation patients.


Swati Heblikar DM (Lab) Central Lab
Sewree, Mumbai

Dr. Varsha Shah (Gujarat's only Lady Heart Surgeon)

I have known Dr Jaimin Patel and his 32 PEARLS® Clinic for over a year.

I was searching through the net for a young and dynamic Dental Surgeon and here He was in this 32 PEARLS®!

I had innumerable dental problems and very little time.

I was loosing teeth and whatever was left was in a very sorry state.

I could not laugh in front of my colleagues due to fear of my poor dental status.

In exactly four sittings he rectified my problem with a ceramic denture, a painless filling for a decaying tooth and most important my ugly front tooth! All this with no pain!

Now I eat with ease and no pain. I can confidently laugh and smile and I know that Dr Jaimin is always there for my 32 PEARLS®!

Dr Varsha Shah (Professor & Head Cardiothoracic Surgery)
B.J. Medical College, Ahmedabad.

Suresh Raval

With my close to 40-years of experience here in the United States, I consider Dr. Jaimin Patel an exceptional professional in dentistry. He is superbly competent in almost the entire gamut of serious procedures in dentistry. Besides state-of-the-art professional expertise as dentist, he brings an ethical perspective that is refreshing. He never undertakes to do a serious procedure primarily for financial advantage. If it seems unnecessary or irrelevant he rejects it outright. He considers all options and selects one that is in the best interests of his clients. This perspective is refreshing because it is not motivated by the reckless pursuit of profit that seems to energize nearly all modern professional conduct. Needless to insist, he is not driven by greed.

For nearly all my life I have considered pain-free dental treatment as an impossible notion. Dr. Jaimin Patel proves that wrong. He is as good and sincere as one's friend. I consider it a privilege to have him as my dentist.

- Suresh Rava ( Professor of English, University of Arizona )

Toral Chokshi

I am very happy to inform you that after I came to you for my treatment, I am very satisfied and happy.

I would like to thank you for patiently attending to my dental condition over that period of time and providing me with a lot of relief and renewed confidence.

I would appreciate that during the course of my dental care treatment I was explained everything in detail well in advance and in a very easy to understand manner and was given a clear estimate of cost.

Once I had gone through your website , I found your statement..

"My goal is always to exceed your expectations and my greatest satisfaction comes from the joy and happiness a new smile can bring. For many this is truly life changing." - Dr. Jaimin Patel

I must say that you have kept your words. :)

My experience at 32 PEARLS® clinic has been extremely satisfying throughout. I will recommend you to anyone who wants a high quality doctor with a human "Factor"

- Toral Chokshi

Honest Dentist

unlike other doctors, my family has experienced a humble honest approach in dr jaimin patel's approach. he advised treatments whichever were truly necessary, unlike other dentists, where we have experienced unnecessary treatment advices, tests, x-rays, etc. my heartly thanks to dr. jaimin patel.

- Sejal Nanavati (MBA, Australia)

Rahul Shah

"Excellent, experienced service delivered in comfortable and modern surroundings. Dr Patel was reassuring and answered my questions efficiently. I will surely return for future treatments."

- Dr Rahul Shah (MBBS MRCS, Plastic Surgery Registrar, London, UK.)

Very Curious Treatment

i visited 32 PEARLS® last month. i was treated by Dr.Jaimin Patel. it was very good time for me. no pain was there in my teeth. i was affraid of drilling and pain during treatment before going to 32 PEARLS®, but after treatment by Dr. Jaimin, i am very happy.

- Sulochana Pandit (Store Incharge, NY, US)

My Tooth Implant Looks and feels Natural

The cost of whole trip including airfares from Canada to Ahmadabad is more then worth after getting my implants My tooth implant looks and feels natural. I had the implant surgery and received my new tooth. I felt totally comfortable and confident under Dr.Jaimin Patel's care at "32 PEARLS®". He addressed all of my concerns and made the experience as easy and comfortable as possible. Thank you very much.

- Sandra Mcwan (Torronto, Canada)

Good Satisfaction

I was treated in 32 PEARLS®. i got very satisfied with Dr. Jaimin Patel and team, and there is very good interior design that make very good environment for treatment. visit 32 PEARLS® at least once.

- S. Subramanyam (Territory Head, NRSS)

He Makes you feel Relaxed and Instills...

I have had extensive dental work done by Dr.Jaimin Patel at 32 PEARLS® this year (implants, bridge and a crown) and I am delighted with the work Dr.Jaimin Patel has done. In particular I was impressed with the low level of discomfort considering the difficulty of some of the work. In fact all procedures were totally pain free. Even the injections were so gently administered that I couldn't feel them. Dr Jaimin obviously takes a great deal of care and is meticulous in his work. He makes you feel relaxed and instills a feeling of confidence. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr.Jaimin Patel and have done so to my friends." Dr.Patel Thank You Very Much.

- Baljeet sing Chadda (Birmingham, UK)

This was an Amazing Experience

I came from Ukraine and I know that I came a long distance to see Dr.Jaimin Patel for my implants at 32 PEARLS® but it was well worth it. His reputation preceded him and after I met him I knew I made the right choice. After they were placed, I went back to Ukraine and returned 6 months later for Dr. Jaimin Patel to restore them with permanent crowns. They were comfortable from the start. It was a pleasure to get rid of my partial. Thanks again Dr.Jaimin Patel.

- Uzeyir (Businessman, Ukraine)

Incredible Care taken by Dr.Jaimin Patel

I found the treatment at 32 PEARLS® thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience start to finish. It was refreshing to find a dental clinic with such high standards of work that could also provide a very personal and caring treatment environment. Everything was explained to me step by step and I was given the chance to ask my questions at every stage, I am so happy with my new smile and would recommend anyone to have their cosmetic dentistry here.I was impressed by both the dental and excellent communication skills of Dr.JAIMIN PATEL,as well as the very latest hi-tech equipment in the surgery at 32 PEARLS®. After a thorough investigation,instant x-rays,the problem and options for treatment were fully explained. I was very happy to proceed with the treatment,which was camed out with great care & professionalism, i would recommend Dr.JAIMIN PATELas an excellent dentist to my best freind.

- Radhika Patel (Psychologist, Ahmedabad)

Magic Done by Doctor

I was so conscious of my smile earlier, until I got my teeth done with this Magician - Dr JAIMIN PATEL. I am so much more confident and I smile with ease now.The ambiance at 32 PEARLS® is very relaxing and soothing, with the soft music playing in the background, its almost like being in a lounge, whilst I am being grilled, with no pain. The result – I am a new laughing Buddha, amongst my family and friends. Thank you so much.

- Andrue Poll (Banglore)

My Appreciation to Dr. Jaimin Patel

Dr. Jaimin patel gave my father a new fixed set of teeth by dental implants. now my father is enjoying a new life with their implant teeth. At 32 PEARLS®, dr jaimin patel is making wonders for his patients, my best appreciations for him.

- Suresh Shah (Business owner, Vadodara)

I will Recommend

I am not a very easily pleased person, especially when it comes to my mouth. I have seen a number of dentists, and they all wanted to crown all my teeth or sell me something I didn't need. Then I met Dr. Jaimin Patel. He is different. He listened to me, and only recommended what I really needed. And, his work is the best. I am very happy to recommend him.

- Milan Shah (Ahmedabad)