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Implants in Pyorrhoea (Gum Disease) cases:
Implants in Loose and Weak teeth cases:

Do you think your teeth are little mobile and worn out or having gum diseases with on and of happening swellings and pain episodes in the gums; then you should think implants. As the gum diseases (Periodontitis) involve continuous irreversible bone loss around the teeth and make the teeth weak and mobile. It is the time when you have to make the decision to salvage the remaining bone. If you continue the same with mobile and loose teeth with gum diseases, then bone loss will continue and one time will come when no fix teeth option would be available. So to avoid such future problems, to salvage the remaining healthy bone, one should go for removal of loose and weak teeth and replace them with Dental Implants. Your weak and loose teeth would have been with you for 2-3 more years, but the new fix teeth with implants will be with you for ever.