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"prosthetic case series for replacement of 45,46 with ADIN implant system".

"Prosthetic case series for Replacement of 36, 37 with ADIN implant system."

" A case series (prosthetic phase) of single tooth replacement (46) with ADIN Implant System".

"Presenting a case of Anterior teeth replacement with Implant-Supported Fixed Partial Prosthesis. #32PEARLS".

A case of smile makeover with componeer venners in 8 Maxillary teeth.

A case of Angle fracture build up with NanoHybrid Composite Resin.

A case of "Non-invasive" advanced Aesthetic Dentistry with Prep-less Veneers.

Masticatory function restored in a 51 year old lady with upper complete denture and 6 Mandibular Adin Tauraeg-S Implants with screw retained prosthesis.

Perfectly Achieved Canine Guided Occlusion With PFMS On 8 Mandibular Osstem Implants & 3 Maxillary Adin Tauraeg-S Implants.

A case of upper complete denture and lower All on 4 Hybrid Prosthesis in 80 years old lady.

One of the perfect cases of smile makeover, achieved by Digital smile designing, follwed by 7 Maxillary Adin Tauraeg-S Implants and screw retained prosthesis.